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Genetic Genocide: Humanity’s Greatest Threat


ON a farm in Wyoming, USA, goats are being milked for their spider webs.

Pandora’s Box has surely been opened. A dangerous genetic experiment has come out of the shadows, and the human-animal hybrids, chimeras and other transgenic clones it has yielded now threaten to endanger and irrevocably alter life as we know it.

The controllers of elite-funded science and R&D have wantonly tampered with the genetic code of the planet, ignoring the rather obvious dangers posed by cross-species experimentation and flagrantly jeopardizing the earth?s delicately-balanced biodiversity.

Fresh revelations about a ?secret lab? program in the UK admittedly ongoing “for the last three years” that developed such bestial-hybrids only serves to reinforce our available data concerning the fact that genetically-modified laboratory creations are fast spinning out of control. Now the biotech industry has unleashed these Franken-breeds into the world under the auspices of monopolizing some of the most important and dangerous developments in Agra, Pharma and Medical research for the 21st Century. Their GM ?solutions? to life?s challenges promise lucrative returns, as we reported earlier today, due royalties on their patented gene-expressions.

Transgenic clones, created by deleting-and-replacing DNA sequences to create a cross-species hybrid (xenotransplantation) that is then grown in a host egg, are fast becoming a pet-project of corporate science that offers to fulfill ?Pharming?s? promise of replacement organs for ailing humans, industrial and pharmaceutical applications of artificial-protein production, and the hope of successful outlets for artificial fertilization & human cloning in an age of increasing sterility and infertility. However, it is these man-made creations that pose the greatest risks? including contamination, proven links to sterility in offspring and risks of cancer. Many clones, including the world?s famous first-cloned sheep, Dolly, have had conspicuously short lives and bad health. Arthritis, breathing problems and more have plagued their existence, while hundreds of embryos fail in cultivation for each successful clone. Still others die in the womb after only days, yet these entities are trusted to fulfill humanity?s betterment.

In particular, mixing the human genome with that of various ?useful? animals crosses the extremely risky bridge formerly separating many beast-borne diseases from those that typically affect humans, or plant species for that matter. The contagion of mixing unrelated species like mammals and jellyfish genes gives the opportunity for unforeseen consequences and uncontrollable mutations. Further, many genes which scientists have previously believed to be equivalent have proven to behave differently when transplanted into foreign DNA sequences. Additionally, lack of recognition or compensation for pleiotropic genes (where a single gene gives expression for multiple traits) makes some of the consequences unforeseeable, yet predictably dangerous.

Grotesque experimentation, iconically portrayed for more than a century in globalist H.G. Wells? The Island of Dr. Moreau, has now come to life? growing human ears on the backs of mice, harvesting human-marked organs from cows, pigs and other host-species, synthesizing strategic proteins in host-milk production and other seemingly-sci-fi applications? paving the way to future biotechnology. Creations like spider-goats are raised in contradiction to nature?s laws, all in the name of reaching industrial production of a stronger-than-steel protein from spider-silk that can create fibers for items like bullet-proof vests, sold directly to the military-prison-industrial complex, further feeding the total domination of mankind.

GMO species have become absolutely invasive, and their Doctors Frankenstein have unleashed them intentionally to wreck and destroy the native competing species. Crop contamination of non-GMO plants, combined with the genocidal effects of Terminator seeds is devastating to ordinary farmers. Consumption of GMO crops have proven ties in mice studies to sterility (shown to be delayed until the second or third generation) as well as cancer and other issues.

Powerful globalists have declared themselves God, and seek to limit the complex expression of life with cheap carbon-copy clones that threaten to displace the genuine flora, fauna and other life on this planet. Not long ago, the world?s most prestigious scientists considered some 96% of DNA to be throwaway ?junk? with no genetic value. Now, in greater arrogance, they will make far greater mistakes as they pretend to understand the path to ?transhumanism? where man supposedly ascends to godhood through life extension. Humanity must stand up and say no before it is too late.

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  1. I will be happy with a “what if” scenario from Romans.9 :18-22… “mercy on whom he will…
    whom he will he hardeneth…Hath not the potter power…What if God…to show …wrath…
    to make power known…endured…vessels…fitted to destruction. My parents myself our
    Lord Jesus,and some other people(I have no numbers), are mysteriously strange people.
    My parents emerged near the middle of the 3rd decade of the 20th century.
    To this present moment the state of mankind on earth has been largely a frightening
    tradgedy. It is inevitable that it will continue.
    My Lord is a very strange and of course unusual man, and a truly alien ‘lifeform’
    in our context.

  2. That’s why God had to have the Flood purge the earth from corruption and genocide! Man messed up with the DNA then and they’re messing with it again. God commanded men to be fruitful and to multiply and “replenish” the earth. This type of “cross-pollination” definitely will not replenish anything on the earth. Creation has been robbed of its purpose. No wonder Romans 8:21-22 makes a case for Creation. I always wondered why the Lord said to “preach the Gospel to every creature” and not “to every man” in Mk 16:15. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

    1. Right on Sue: Here are some quotes from the Book of Enoch & Genesis Chapter 6 from the Bible: “And all the others together (200 Fallen Angels before the Flood) with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and to defile themselves with them, and they taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting of roots, and made them acquainted with plants. And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants (Nephilim), whose height was three thousand ells: Who consumed all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish, and to devour one anothers flesh, and drink the blood. Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.
      These fallen angels also mixed with animals, producing a mixture so bad and monstrous that God had to wipe them also.
      Gen 6:7 And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. (KJV)
      It becomes very clear who is behind in the scientific cloning experiments today, as we know that scientists have been trying to mix animal and human genes again. Satan hasn?t given up yet and is still trying to conquer the earth by the same means.
      MAT.24:37 But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

      1. And except those days be shortened for the elects sake there should no flesh be saved. Thank God we know the end of the story or it would be too horrific to bear!

      2. Joseph, I don’t know how many folks subscribe to the “days of Noa” predicament, the Nephilim and all, but I would like to see some “updates”, if you can call it that, of the development of that race and their diabolical “signs and wonders” – not out of morbid interest, but rather to be aware and a step up, to be “not ignorant of the Devil’s devices”, so to speak. What are your thoughts, Joseph? I am interested. Thank you for this wonderful, insightful, feeding, intelligent and Word-based site – it truly answers a lot of my questions!

        1. Hi Sue, if you can give me your e-mail address I can send you some interesting material to read on this topic. Regarding the diabolical “signs and wonders” we covered some possibilities in the Podcast, The Coming Great Deception” & “His Deadly Wound was Healed”. So basically at this point in time we’re just trying to stay in tune with the times & as new material comes out on this topic we’ll put it on our website. The only thing that I recently read is that it’s been acknowledge by some experts that it seems there’s a lot more UFO sightings recently & of course the question that is being asked is WHY?

        2. Fantastic! Thank you, is suedesruisseaux @ Really appreciate it! I’m very fascinated by the whole UFO thing also, so I would love the reads! It was my curiosity of UFOs as a child that led me on my search for Truth, existence and God! 🙂

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