Spreading Protests and Other Global Problems Bring Global Government – End Time Info Podcast

Demonstrations in India, Greece, Spain and now even on Wall Street and more and more cities across the US are springing up. As if the economic problems weren’t enough trouble, now governments have another front dividing their dwindling power. What’s the solution to all these problems and where is this all headed?

In this podcast Joseph and Johnny discuss the increase in the number of protests and riots around the world and other major crises the world is facing and how this can bring the establishment of a global government closer to us in time.

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  1. Oct 7th
    I agree–these protests are only the beginning. Fairly benign now,
    the Feds will be ready when increasing numbers of protests turn
    violent. There are Fema Detention Centers in almost every state
    (google “Fema Detention Center list” for the full scoop). While
    many elements of the economy are in recession, Homeland Security and the Defense industry have been booming since 9/11. The 1 percenters who are really running this
    country will do anything, including incarceration of innocent Americans whose only crime was to stand up and speak out against the twin bedfellows of corporacracy and
    Big Government, to maintain their tight grip on the populace. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in men. Solomon, King David’s son, wrote that in Proverbs, and he should know. Cheers! — woody

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