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?And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?? ? Matthew 24:3

Many people have seen the movie 2012 and have heard of the prophesies of the Mayan calendar and are more and more worried about what the future holds. Is there any truth in any of the events depicted in those Hollywood productions or the prophesies of ancient civilizations? What does the Bible say about the end of the world?

Joseph and Johnny start the year by discussing these important questions.

Listen now (20:54m):

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  1. Dear Joseph
    From reading In the book Apollyon Rising and Nephalim Stargates by Tom Horn,and having done other extensive research, there is some amazing information about the Great Seal of the United States, which can be seen on the dollar, as well how the USA was founded. From the info in these books it would seem that the Illuminati have planned Events for 2012 in more ways than one. Not just for the arrival of the A.C and a world government at the conclusion of 2012, but a total deliberate destabilizing of the world economy, directly causing as much confusion as possible including a deliberate big war in the middle east. The real problem is that America, Russia and China are all on the same side i.e to promote a “One World government” They will all do anything to make that happen, and to all of them it does not matter how many will die in the “Great Confusion” that is about to happen and the resultant conflagration of War in the middle East.In public America and Russia will “act” like enemies, but there is a much biger agenda. I feel sorry for the soldiers on both sides who do not know they are all but stooges in a very big diabolically clever game for world dominance to enslave the whole world so that the Elite rule.I have also read that “they ” will use the “umbrella” of the middle east war to then “get rid of all of the useless eaters” The plan is to de-populate the world by many different means and reduce it to 500 million It was predicted by the late Aaron Russo in 2007 that David Rockefeller had told him that “the plan” was for every one on earth to be micro-chipped by 2016-7.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comments! I was aware of everything you mentioned. I read Apollyon Rising & visited Tom Horn’s Website & was aware of the Great Seal & the US dollar. Other people have also brought these points out over the years. I also watched some of Aaron Russo’s interviews & was aware of the David Rockefeller comments about the micro chipping by 2016-7? I think everything you mentioned is right on & of course the big question is not if, but when? If the world government & antichrist rises this year through the Great Confusion & chaos, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. It could happen in 2012. I’ve never seen so many apparent signs of the times as we’re seeing now. It could be the beginning of the end? Having said that I can’t say with 100% accuracy that we’ll see the A.C. this year. I think it’s a possibility & boy the start of the new year there’s a major military build up in regards to Israel/ USA & other allies against Iran & Iran is also preparing for war. So yes the things you mentioned could happen this year, but I’m careful not to say 100% that all this will transpire this year. It could happen, and a lot of evidence points to that possibility, but we’ll have to wait & see how the endgame will play out this year. But we should be ready as if it will all happen. When the A.C. confirms the 7 year covenant then for me the timing becomes pretty clear as far as years, months, & days go as this info is mentioned in the Bible as you already know. But before that happens the timing of ET events are not always so clear. So my approach to this topic is yes, these events could possibly happen this year, but I try not to be to dogmatic & 100% sure just in case some of these events play out in 2013 & later? But having said that I’m preparing that yes this could possibly be the year of great change & moving ET events forward in a big way. We’ll have to wait & see!

  2. I very much liked your podcast this week. I suggest that you all get a copy of Tom Horn’s
    Apollyon Rising and Nephalim Stargates. I have just read these two books suggested by John Benjamin author of “Earthshaker” and these books fill in a lot of gaps that most people are not aware of. The books cover very similar materials that have been covered on this site over the past year or more but as an Escalatogist myself, these above mentioned books will enable the very serious Endtime researcher to find out the “Hidden” agenda of the Illuminati and how that the “Dark side” also see 2012 as the year of the coming of their man Lucifer! If indeed 2012 ends up being the year of the Rise of the Anti-christ, then thank you Jesus, cause according to the book of Daniel that will mean that we have just over 7 years until Jesus returns in the clouds for the saved!

    1. Hi Stephen, I read Apollyon Rising quite awhile go, but to be honest, I forgot a lot of it, & I should read it again. By the way I know you know this, but IF the Antichrist rises this year & again I high lite IF, then as You know the A.C. would have to confirm the covenant for the last 7 years to start. It’s possible that when He rises to power he could be on the world scene for awhile before he confirms the covenant. He could be using peace & flattery to gain world recognition & popularity as in Daniel 11:21, & later in time signs the covenant to start the last 7 years. That’s just another possible angle. Anyway, we’ll see how this will eventually play out & when?

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