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Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – Elites Plan to Control the World

Via King World News

Hugo Salinas Price

Today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News in stunning detail what he believes to be the frightening plan to ?control the world? going forward.  He described this as a ?very disturbing fact that is facing humanity.?

Here is how he described the situation:

?Eric, the problems we are seeing in the West are not going to be resolved in any positive way.  What we have had in the West, in recent decades, has been the welfare state.  The welfare state is, in my view, what I would call, ?socialism light.?  We?ve had ?socialism light? and now we?re going to transition to full-blown socialism.? 

?This could not be paid for out of taxes:  It had to be financed.  This is what has caused the explosion of debt in the West.  The people who are in power, the elite, do not want to relinquish their power.  They plan to retain it under full-blown socialism for the populations of the West.

This includes all countries that have central banks:  They are going to have to follow suit.  This is a very disturbing fact that is facing humanity.  It means the inevitable decline of industrial civilization, and the inevitable impoverishment of the world?s population.

This means that over time there will be a decline in the number of people on this earth.  That is the rather grim outlook that I see.  So, it?s socialism ahead.  And with that will come more government control and a centrally run economy.  This is inefficient and unproductive, and it will lead to impoverishment.

 Nikita Khrushchev, when he came to the United Nations, said, ?We will bury you?….

?Well, it?s not the USSR that buried us, it?s us burying ourselves, under the rule of our elite, who do not want to give up their control.  The furtherance of their control lies in socialism.

I think this comes from a central idea that has possessed the imagination of the world.  It?s the idea that authority comes from below.  In other words, that authority comes from the people.  This idea of authority from the will of the people is a myth of our civilization.  Excuse me for saying that it?s a myth, but I see that as a fact.  

I?m just saying that those who control the world know they have to curry the favor of the people.  To do this they went the way of the welfare state, and democracy to give people the fiction they (the people) are in control.  Well, they are not and never have been.  

We also have fiat money to fund the welfare state.  Then we have entertainment to distract the people.  We also have war to distract the people.  The airplanes bomb people, and the victims are just humans who are expendable.  This is how the elite see things.

We will continue to see this from the elite, in order to maintain their power.  Remember, socialism impoverishes, it consumes capital, it does not accumulate capital.  So, you will have this de-capitalization that will come with socialism.

 When you combine that with the probability that we are at peak oil, as that prime source of energy comes to a point where it begins to decline, you will see a decrease in the population.?

 Hugo Salinas Price also warned: ?Italy and Spain have already imposed a limit on cash transactions.  Any transaction above 2,500 euros has to be paid with a credit card.  Now that?s ominous.  It confirms the socialist trend because in socialism you have very little use for money.  Everything is supplied by means of ration cards.

 That?s what I see coming, and I see it in the United States as well.  Take, for example, the fact that there are 46.5 million people on food stamps.  You already have the ration card in action there.?

 He also added: ?For those people who want to protect themselves, they are going to have to take some drastic measures.  They will have to be imaginative in trying to protect themselves in whatever way they can from this onslaught of centralized government.

 Everybody should constitute a reserve of something that will function as ?real? money because there will be continued abuse of fiat money in order to fund the socialist state.  We will see more limitations on the use of cash, and people need to be prepared for that.?

Hugo Salinas Price is a hero to many, and he has crusaded to help poor people around the world.  For KWN readers and listeners globally, when Hugo Salinas Price talks about ?real? money, based on our interviews over the years, I believe he means gold and silver.  He prefers physical silver because it is easier to exchange for goods or services if the system breaks down.

Hugo Salinas-Price, born in 1934, is a successful, retired businessman who lives in Mexico. Salinas-Price has been a follower of the Austrian School of Economics since his youth. Salinas-Price has written three books in Spanish on how and why silver should be instituted as money in Mexico, in parallel with paper money, and numerous related articles in English and Spanish. Hugo Salinas-Price is the founder of Mexico’s Elektra retail chain.

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