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Experts Call For One World Government

Before the world will accept a one-world government and supreme leader, global conditions will have to be pretty desperate?and peace and safety don?t make people desperate. War, terrorism, economic collapse, and disasters will all help create the climate for the Antichrist?s ?peaceful? takeover. – Joseph Candel


Lagos ? Speakers at a public symposium, “Advancing a New World Order for the progress of the Human Race,” organised by the Lagos Zone of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, at Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, have urged world leaders to evolve new ways of pursuing the collective destiny of humanity by the creation of one world government.

The speakers included the Grand Administrator and Director, Supreme Board, AMORC, Dr. Kenneth Idiodi; Mr. Ekanem Kofi-Ekanem; Professor T. A.T. Wahua of University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt; Professor M.Y. Nabofa, Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State; Prof. John Idiodi, University of Benin and Johnson Ikube, Managing Consultant/CEO, JI Global Solutions Limited.

Dr.Kenneth Idiodi, who spoke on “Personal security through internal role-playing,” said the need for security was borne out of the instinct of self-preservation of life itself.

He argued that peace cannot be said to abide in a society where people are living in a constant state of alertness and cannot sleep at night with both eyes shut, figuratively speaking!

In his presentation on whether one world government is desirable, Johnson Ikube argued that this is possible in that the majority of people believed that the universe is one large system under one governance; that of the Supreme Being, God; and also with the inspirations that led to the establishment of the United Nations. This vehicle is already here with us. Its operational modalities can be improved for better deployment; and also the formations of regional integration structures and mechanisms such as the European Union, African Union, the Americas.”

He said a one world government will see the whole world as its responsibility and, therefore, focus on holistic, accelerated growth and development in a sustainable manner ensuring partnership between man and nature according to the will of the owner.

However, for this to be possible, Ikube said “there must be a need to eliminate and rename and reform the Security Council. Its focus should be global and individual member security concerns per se; remove all artificial sources of poverty, degradation and pain and also that the world must head for a universal common language. This will assist in eliminating one common source of suspicion and division.”

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