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Hugo Salinas Price on the Elite’s Plan to Control the World

Hugo Salinas Price

The many troubles our world is facing are helping to prepare the way for the World Government & the eventual rise of the Antichrist, who will come with solutions to these problems in the form of more unity, a more united global response to wars and terrorism, diseases and catastrophes, refugees, economic inequality, and other hardships plaguing the world, many of which have been caused by the globalists themselves! (Dan 11:21-24; 8:23-25. 1Thesolonians 2:1,3) The next depression will make people desperate enough to accept anything offered to end their misery. The world is being prepared for the coming World Government & its eventual leader the Antichrist and a new worldwide financial infrastructure, with a new global currency. (Joseph Candel)


Hugo Salinas Price

Today multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News in stunning fashion what he believes to be the frightening plan to control the world going forward.  He described the people planning this as ?barbarians,? and said, ?this is not going to end well.?  He also issued this ominous warning, ?I have very serious doubts about the survival of our civilization under such people.?  Below is what the multi-billionaire had to say in part I of a series of incredibly powerful interviews that will be released today on KWN.

Hugo Salinas Price:  ?With regards to the social question in the world, in 1929 a Spanish thinker by the name of Ortega y Gasset wrote a book that really shook up the world titled, ?The Revolt of the Masses.?  He was talking about the appearance on the world stage of new individuals.  He was writing about the growth of the population and the appearance of new individuals coming in to the mass of humanity.  And these individuals evidently are (what he described as) ?barbarians.?….

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  1. Yes, the tidal wave of economic troubles is certainly on the horizon. Many say, “OK, we have heard all of this scare-mongering years ago”. Maybe that is true, however as one economist has wisely stated, “The world’s financial system is like a volcano, the longer it takes to blow, the harder and more devastating will be the final result. I know it is very very difficult to contemplate such a DISASTROUS future,as millions of people will die. It is human nature to only want to see a rosy future, with as few difficulties as possible, and success and prosperity are the main aim of life for MOST people. Now is a good time for re-assessing our lives as to what is really IMPORTANT. As Jesus said, “A man’s life consists not in the abundance of his riches, but in every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God. If we keep a solid foundation in our lives, based on the Word of God and prayer, then no matter what the future brings,”The Angel of the Lord encamps about those who love him.” We need a new foundation to this world that is not based on gold or money!

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