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We receive questions regarding end time events and Bible prophecies via email and also personally from the people we meet, so we decided to start this post to give you a simple way to add your thoughts, ask questions and suggest topics for future podcast.
What would you have Joseph and Johnny discuss? We would love to hear your questions and ideas.
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  1. After having done extensive research I believe that one of the best kept secrets is that we are not alone on this planet. In researching many different religions, including Buddists, many people believe that the earth is not solid as portrayed in the text books but is in fact hollow, as are all of the other planets. the moon etc. I do know alot about this subject including testimonies from Admiral Byrd of the USA who travelled inside the earth as early as 1927 and saw massive crystal cities and talked about computers being used 50 years before we even had them. Like I said I have studied this extensively. I sincerely believe that so-called UFO’S and aliens are not from outer space but come from the centre of the earth. I believe it very possible that Satan will put on a very big show as an “UfO” invasion, claiming he and his forces are from a distant galaxy, whilst deceiving the whole world, when he and his forces actually have their head-quarters in the centre of the earth. Some people as k me well if the earth is hollow and there are many people or giants living down there by the millions with advanced technology, then what about Hades, and Hell and the Green door. The answer to that question is the centre of the earth is also a gateway to different dimensions. This can also explain the Bermuda triangles (12 in total) all around the world which are all linked to the centre of the earth but are also time/space portals. There are quite a few verses in the bible ( Job)that talk about these things and in other books like the book of Enoch and Jasher and many others;and also modern scientists including top astronomers. It would be good if others were to also investigate these things because if they are all TRUE , then this world and the planets and indeed the whole creation is much more curious and facinating than we already thought it to be. I am putting a book together about these maters and many other misterious happenings on this planet. A clue is in Revelations Chapter 9 where the Angel opens the bottomless pit? A couple of scientific details mentioned to me by John Benjamin is that a couple of years ago a massive earthquake in Chile resulted in the earth “ringing like a bell” for several weeks, which could only happen if the earth is in fact hollow. another was by NASA who said that when they deliberately dropped onw of the space vehicles down on to the moon’s surface that it also rang like a bell. If you want to know more about these vary interesting matters they are freely available on the internet for the inquisitive mind looking for Truth. Remember you can nearly always guarantee that the TRUTH IS the opposite of what the majority say, as it always makes them feel uncomfortable to learn new conflicting info as it disturbs their sense of order and stability.

  2. Islam’s involvement in the endtime Antichrist kingdom. It says that when Israel will be attacked (in Ezekiel) it will be by all the Muslims countries around it and when you line Islamic eschatology against Biblical eschatology you see there fit in opposite ways (Muslims believe their messiah will lead them in conquest of ISrael) Muslims are always taking about how they want Israel annihilated as well… the Bible says the the in the latter days Israel will be surrounded by all the nations of the world and then conqured with two thirds (I think) of the people dying, then Jesus will come back to deliver them as the warror Messiah. Do you know much about this? I thought it would make for an interesting topic.

    HEre’s a video series on the topic, if you haven’t heard of this already.

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