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Japan And New Zealand Earthquakes, Volcanic Eruptions Were Precisely Predicted


Watch the incredible video below, posted to Youtube on February 15th, that predicts both recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand by analyzing solar activity.

The video highlights the Japanese islands as the main area of concern and predicts that an earthquake of magnitude 8 or larger could hit due to the effect of increased sun spot activity on our planet, in particular an X class solar flare and a significant hit of the Earth by a recent Coronal Mass Ejection.

It also predicts possible volcanic eruptions around the Japan Islands, an eventuality that has also played out with the eruption of the the Shinmoedake volcano in south-western Japan yesterday, which sent ash and rock over two miles into the atmosphere. As is annotated on the video, another volcano, Sakirajima, also produced explosive eruptions on February 21st.

The video also cites ?a potential event around 45-50 Degrees Latitude, most likely fit region is the base or South Island New Zealand?, adding that the ?possible magnitude could be 6.2 to 6.5?. The earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, occurred just a week later on February 21st and measured 6.3.

Alarmingly for Americans, the Gulf Of California is also cited as a potential hotspot for imminent earthquake activity.

[vsw id=”6yubH7KT9TQ” source=”youtube” width=”590″ height=”349″ autoplay=”no”]

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