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Vatican to call for global financial authority

Via Business Inquirer

VATICAN CITY – The Vatican on Wednesday said it was preparing a series of proposals for reforming the global financial system that would include the creation of a “public authority with universal competence.”

A document entitled “For a reform of the financial system through the perspective of a public authority with universal competence” will be presented on Monday by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

The council?s head, Ghanaian cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, will present it, the Vatican press office said without adding further details.

Pope Benedict XVI has repeatedly called for an “intervention” by governments to tame financial markets and has emphasized the need to restore a fragile global economic system that is hurting poorest people the hardest.

?The global financial crisis showed the fragility of the current economic system and of the institutions associated with it,? the pope said in April.

He said the crisis had also demonstrated “the mistake of continuing to think that the market is able to regulate itself without public intervention.”

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  1. Well Rafael, I would say he works for things to fall in place, so Jesus can come back. Aren?t you sick of this sad old world too and wish things are happening more speedily to prepare the day of Jesus return? What can he do in his position to make the world a better place? Gaddafi?s who make a country a good place to live in, are not wanted.

      1. It’s hard to tell, at least for an outsider, what it was like under Gaddafi, but it’s definitely going to be worse under al Qaeda and US rule… Look at Iraq and Afghanistan.

    1. Jesus will return when His time will come, but about the Pope, I’m not saying “what can he do…” but “who” is he working for? Is he really working for Jesus and his followers as he’s suppose to be? Or just pretending but working in a subtle way for the enemy, as the Pharisees did in times of Jesus?
      I don’t know… maybe he just got a lot of pressure from the “ones behind”, as well as other leaders and politics, etc. now a days, in order to bring out their plan.

  2. Thanks Thea for posting this article.
    About Benedict XVI calling for a global financial authority: 2 years ago I found and shared an article in which he’s already endorsing for a ?World Political Authority,? if you like to read it, here it goes:
    Along with this article, I send 3 you-tube videos related to, but have been removed.
    Six months later it came this other article: Pope Continues…
    So… who is he working for?

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