Christmas Truce

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  1. A “full English” always includes ‘ x ‘, or ‘Eg(s)’-ypt, or Egypt(s) If a Roman execution cross
    had a protruding ‘head piece’, at approximately a 45 degree angle, it is an “x”
    ‘ X ‘ marks “The Spot”. Don’t miss it.

  2. An ecks, or x…change of fire in the ice, snow, and icy freezing air, should have been for
    warmth, and the roasting of turkey, or any other beast that may have been desired, or
    at least nuts or anything desired. War is older usually richer men in suites, with glasses of e..x..culpatory cognac, port, whisky, gin, other brandies etc. in oak and maybe other
    wood panelled e.. x..pensively furnished curtained and decorated rooms, formulating
    preparations for younger poorer people to suffer and die, and to deliver the same
    experience to their counterparts of equivalent and corresponding scocial and economic
    class, before retiring for steak & kidney pie in something like wine or ale, with creamy
    garlic flavoured mushrooms or the like etc. I suspect one day someone ‘upstairs’ is going to tell them to ecks- off.
    Happy New Year. Love. Rxxxxt, (R ecks ecks ecks ecks t)

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