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Earthshaker – Updated

“Earthshaker: The Coming Global Destruction” by John Benjamin is a new Bible prophecy book that will shake up even those who think they’re part of the “unshakeables.” Benjamin’s portrayal of what lies ahead is so spellbinding I dare not even hint at what he brings forth from Scripture. You’ll have to read it for yourself – and I recommend that you take a tranquilizer first!

—Dave MacPherson, author of “The Rapture Plot”

This book was written for all those who have become increasingly aware that many things seem to be going terribly wrong in our present, rapidly changing world. There seems to be an alarming rise in bad weather, destructive earthquakes, volcanic activity, solar storms, massive floods and resultant crop failures. In general, very bad things appear to be coming our way on the horizon. Instead of world peace being ushered in, as many had hoped for, we now face the increased risk of terrorism, as well as rising tension between many of the world’s leading nations, which may lead to future horrific and destructive wars. We are facing the worst economic troubles we’ve seen in many decades, with many who have lost their jobs and homes, now living in despair.

Many people are at wits end, having no idea what to do or where to turn for help; and most everyone senses that something very dark, ominous, and foreboding is settling over our world. It seems at times that the whole world has gone completely mad and that it is headed straight off the tracks for a huge train wreck! This book gives an up close and personal look at all the problems we are presently facing, as well as those we will most likely face in the future, and shows that in the end there will indeed be a positive outcome. The storm clouds will clear and the sun will come out shining brightly once again as the earth enters a new and golden age.

– John Benjamin

By John Benjamin? – 2010

Now also available in Spanish:

From John Benjamin:

There have been so many major disasters and horrifying events that have occurred in the last year, since the book Earthshaker was first written, that I felt I needed to write this much needed up-date.
Many major end time Bible prophecy events are now beginning to be fulfilled in earnest, in a rapidly increasing and very astonishing fashion. It was recently prophesied that many of these events would pick up and begin to “accelerate” both in magnitude and frequency, to the point that it will become impossible to even keep track of them all.

Well folks, we are almost at that point right now! There has been such an alarming increase in record breaking bad weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, enormous solar flares, and other related events that it is just absolutely shocking! The entire world economy seems to be on the verge of total collapse.

Due to the dire situation in the middle-east between Israel and the Muslim nations that surround it, a “third world war” may be imminent and looming on the horizon. Many nations are being drawn into the conflict, and are all lining up and taking sides, including the world’s leading nations. I feel something really needs to be said at this point, and many of these things addressed:

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  1. Dear Friends, “EARTHSHAKER” has now finally been published through WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Bible Co. It can be ordered from its official website at (not .com). It can also be ordered in hardback, paperback, or the new and much less expensive e-Book format from, Barnes &,, Lifeway Christian Bookstores, or any major bookstore by the title and name: “EARHSHAKER” by John Benjamin, or the full title “EARTHSHAKER – THE COMING GLOBAL DESTRUCTION.” Please check it out, as it is a completely BRAND NEW BOOK than the one posted here, with brand new and often very “startling” information added to the old text. If you go to any of these sites you can see the dramatic new book cover and read a portion of the book for free. Please check it out and help us spread the message by posting on your Facebook page, Twitter, or any of the new social media outlets. Please help us to reach the world for Jesus, and please pray for two new books that are in the making: One concerning all the neat revelations the Lord has shown us over the last 40 years since becoming Christians, and the other a record of all the absolutely incredible miracles my wife and I have experienced since receiving Jesus -ranging from dramatic healings, a man raised from the dead, incredible and dramatic encounters with Angels –some sent with important messages just like in the Bible days of old– and many other Bible related type events that made an ABSOLUTE BELIEVER out of this former hard-core atheist! –DIRECT PROOF that Jesus is really real and still at work in the lives of believers today! -Thank you for your time, attention, and prayers, and please do check out the new “EARTHSHAKER” edition if you have time and are interested. -Sincerely, in Christ, -John Benjamin

  2. Blessings Brother Benjamin,
    I just listened to your interview with Rick Wiles on Trunews. Awesome! I, too, knew Stan Johnson and was able to hear some of those men and women talk in the earlier years of the Prophecy Club! I believe we need to wake up the Church, the sad thing, there are few that want to hear the truth. I am not sure what it will take to wake up the Pastors who are not listening to the Holy Spirit…but are getting their sermons off the internet. Perhaps, they are afraid to know the truth…I had one person tell me, “Don’t tell me! I don’t want to know, because if I know, then I am responsible for what I know!”
    I pray we who God has given insight into the last days……find a way to reach the church (organized religion) sooner than later….
    Karen K.

    1. Thank you so much Karen. Really appreciate your reply. I haven’t been to a Prophecy Club meeting in a long time, but I heard that Stan now has a book out that is one of the finest Post-Tribulation books ever written. That’s quite a turn around, just like Marvin Rosenthall, who wrote The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church. GREAT BOOK! I saw where our dear friend Henry Gruver was just on Rick Wiles a few days earlier than my show aired. HE’S STILL GOING after all this time. He is such a dear guy. I am going to go back and listen to the archive of his show with Rick. Pray for Rick. He said he’s going to be on Andersen Cooper 360 shortly on CNN. They are going to try to destroy his ministry and really make him look bad because of his stance on abortion and gay marriage, but he said he’s not going to back down. Already the Huffington Post has written a scathing article against him. God bless Rick. What a “voice in the wilderness!” Anyway, very good to talk to you, and thank you so much for the kind compliment on the interview. Please pray for me. That was my first radio interview, and I am NOT gifted public speaker. I really have a lot to learn. Hope there are more shows in the future and that the message spreads far and wide while there is time. Thanks again and may God bless you very greatly. -John

  3. you did great pa your book is A-MAZE-ING
    you are ” The Rex of ALL Authors”
    you are so loved -Briana

    1. Thank you so much Briana, You are so precious. Please forgive me that I have not replied sooner. I haven’t checked this site for a long time. But this is probably the best site on the whole internet to learn of coming events, and what is really going on according to Bible prophecy. I just now saw your message and really appreciate your comments. God bless you little “child of God!” -Papa John

    1. Thank you Vanessa, You are an AWESOME Grand-daughter; very gifted and talented beyond your years. I love you. You know far more about what’s going on in the end-time than many adults I know! I am so very proud of you! -Love, -Papa

  4. Well, it?s a very interesting book Benjamin, and like they say, it?s really fantastic. Must have take lot of work on your part to do it. Awesome! GBY!
    I just want to add something on regards of ?there seems to be an alarming rise in bad weather, destructive earthquakes, volcanic activity, massive floods and resultant crop failures.? I?m sure lot of people must be shock with all these recently changes in this world where we?re living, I have removed ?solar storms? from it because we?the human beings?had nothing to do with, I guess, but? what about the ?elite?, are they actually playing god with HAARP and other sophisticated weapons on regard of ? ?such an alarming increase in record breaking bad weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other related events??
    Year and a half ago I sent through email an article on regard of “The Peculiar Haiti Earthquake!” to some people I?m in contact with, you?ll find that article here:
    But I introduce it with these personal comments:
    When He was asked, “When shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass?” In reference to the times of the end and His coming, Jesus said to them, “Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name saying, I am Christ… ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified… and great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven…” S. Luke 21:7-11
    Little by little, since the first time I read these passages from the New Testament up to recently, I was realizing that some of these events were scheduled and manufactured by Satan himself, through the ones working for him?wars, famines, pestilences, etc.?but what about ‘earthquakes’ and ‘great signs’ in the sky?
    I was surprise recently when I read and watched some videos about HAARP?The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program?and its consequences. It’s incredible!
    At the end, I added this other comment: ?There is not proves that this earthquake was produce by HAARP, but it’s interesting all the info they expose here that makes me wonder if HAARP is one more of those terrible tools that the ones ‘behind the scenes’ are using, pretending it’s for our benefit, but actually contributing to bring soon the chaos, and eventually a complete control over the world.?
    I just recommend you to take some time to read that article.

    1. Actually Rafael I did talk about the HAARP system and the Russian Woodpecker systems in Chapter 10 of the original book. I copied and pasted this out of that chapter for you below here. I believe it is a combination of BOTH. The solar storms are having a definite impact if you keep up with the solar websites like . They are the largest they’ve seen in history, with some having actually exposed our outer satellites to damage. Who knows whether HAARP, and the Woodpecker systems or the sun have caused the most damage to date? Guess we’ll find out when the King comes. Here is what I wrote in Chapter 10 of Earthshaker:

      Also there are many “mad scientists” secretly messing around with things they shouldn’t
      be, like the well documented HAARP system in Alaska and the Russian Woodpecker
      system, that are both capable of altering the weather and creating earthquakes.
      The book “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP” was a major player that broke the story on it. It
      speaks of how the Alaskan “High Altitude Auroral Research Project” was first created by
      Dr. Bernard Eastlund to help oil companies find oil, by the use of low frequency radio
      waves sent into the earth to find oil pockets…

      (You can read the rest in the book)

      I believe it is a combination of BOTH. The solar storms are having a definite impact if you keep up with the solar websites like . They are the largest they’ve seen in history, with some having actually exposed our outer satellites to damage. Who knows whether HAARP, and the Woodpecker systems or the sun have caused the most damage to date? Guess we’ll find out when the King comes. -God bless you, -john benjamin

      1. Oh, and Rafael, I also mentioned about the Haiti quake possibly being produced by HAARP and told of how Hugo Chavez of Venezuela spoke out about this somewhere in the same area there in the book. It’s in the first book and not the update. If you wish, I will also hunt for it to show you, but I just lost a beloved son who loved the Lord, and was a Spec Ops Agent to a shooting. He was just killed a few days ago, and I am not very strong right now emotionally. I simply can’t deal with things like normal right now. Glad you are reading through the book though and are “hip” on what’s going on with HAARP and all. Really appreciate your prayers and comments… -Lord bless you, -john

    2. One thing we have to make clear here is that as far as the signs of the times are concerned it doesn’t matter whether they are manmade or not, as Jesus doesn’t say where these will come from, only that they will. Some disasters are brought upon the world by man others are sent.

      It’s another thing altogether when we get into the topic of “manmade global warming”, which many believe to be a hoax and a tool in the hands of the elite to enslave more countries by collecting carbon tax.

  5. Hi John, i read the book and sent it to my 950 English speaking email ministry receptors. But i felt bad not been able to send it to the 4000 Spanish speakers in my mail ministry list, so i proceeded to translate it and send it by chapters, once every week. I am by chapter 9 right now. I have had great response from my readers. I have been wanting to contact you to let you know there will be a Spanish version of Earthshaker “el Estremecedor”. available in a few weeks as i am working on it. Please contact me for your input and details. Thanks. GBY!

  6. Dear John Benjamin,
    We loved your book, and now thanks to Simon Peter and Simon Setfree, we are listening to the audio as it is very informative with lots of new info even for me, and I am an escatology teacher. The book really is fantastic, and I hope it will wake up many in the churches concerning the false pre-trib doctrine, that most of them hold to, as it could indeed cause a great falling away from faith when the tests come!
    As you are a good writer, I wanted to contact you as I have in mind to write a book on a slightly different theme concerning some of the details surrounding the Anti-Christ. I have read all the Activated books on the anti-christ and they are also very informative. I have some new info concerning the Anti-christ, and other related matters that many know nothing about, as it seems so fantastic. If you have the time I would really like to communicate with you to compare notes.TKS again for this great book. EVERY ONE SHOULD READ THIS BOOK! Absolutely FANTASTIC!

  7. I read the whole book, and it was very gripping, exciting and really does a lot of exposing what is really is going on and what is about to happen. As I also teach Escatology, it was great comparing notes and research, and wow I must admit that you have really come up with a lot of new information and interesting revelations at that. Thanks for the book I shall be using it to teach others from.It sure packed a lot of scriptures.

    1. Thank you so much Stephen. I am so happy that the book is being used to reach others. Please feel free to forward the PDF download to anyone you think might be interested. I just absolutely love the whole “End Time Info” website. In my opinion, after much study of other sites on the internet, it is the most informative, interesting, and comprehensive; covering the broadest range of end time topics that I’ve seen. I so hope and pray that this site gains momentum world-wide, reaching billions while there’s time. There are some other great end time sites too that you may find of value in your ministry. You may already know of them: and
      Hope you enjoy these too, and can also use the info. in your teaching. May the Lord greatly bless you! -John Benjamin

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