Economic Crisis

IMF Says Europe Needs External Assistance; Russia to the Rescue

Via Zerohedge

And so risk assets go to the OFF position following the latest statement from the IMF’s Christine Lagarde, who until very recently was France’s FinMin, and thus personally responsible for the current economic crunch:


Well, we know the UK is now out, courtesy of idiotic statements such as this one by Christina Noyer. So who will step up? Why Russia it seems.


Why’s that? Because like China (more on that in an upcoming post), Russia just dumped US bonds for the 12th straight month and instead both Russia and China are now focusing on making Europe their vassal state. So now we know where the money is coming from – sales of US debt of course!

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  1. I have been “shouting this from the rooftops” since 1998, when I received revelations from the Lord after studying Ezekiel 38 & 39. LOOK FOR RUSSIA TO STEP FORWARD AND OFFER TO FORM AN “ALLIANCE” (even if only economic at first) WITH EUROPE, AND FINALLY TO FORM A “GREATER FEDERATION.” It will be the fulfillment of Daniel chapter 7, of the coming together of the TEN HORNS of the former Roman Empire, and the soon after RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST to rule over them. Many people think that this final 10 horns are the United Nations, because the U.N. has divided the world up into 10 sections, and some countries like the U.S. have now also divided up into 10 regional sections to conform to some kind of future world-wide organizational plan they have. I used to work at the U.S. Post Office, and in the back room of every major U.S. post office they have a map with the 50 states divided up into 10 sections, with several states in each one. (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are section 10, for example…) Well, I think that the U.N. wants to do this to the WHOLE WORLD. So when Russia forms that federation with a predominately Western Europe, I believe for the sake of falling in line with U.N. goals, that they will divide up greater Europe into 10 sections also, just like the United States and other countries have done. I believe they will do the same thing the U.S. has done by putting a couple or several countries together into one section with 5 on the Western side and 5 on the Eastern side. This will fulfill the vision of DANIEL CHAPTER TWO, of the TWO legs, TWO feet, and FINAL 5 TOES ON EACH FOOT; both West and East! I then believe that a GREAT RUSSIAN LEADER will step forward AFTERWORD to LEAD this GROUP OF 10 NATIONS! Ezekiel 38:17 says, “Art thou HE of whom I have spoken in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, which prophesied in those days many years that I would bring thee against them?” The Lord is referring here to the “CHIEF PRINCE OF ROSH, (the Hebrew name for the Russians according to Josephus — ‘Antiquities of the Jews’) MESHECH AND TUBAL!” …All peoples that joined together to form the greater Russian nation and many of it’s surrounding nations today of the same heritage. SO WHO ELSE COULD THIS BE TALKING ABOUT BUT THE ANTICHRIST? Has Russia ever came down and attacked Israel before in history yet, and had her armies fall on the hillsides and be eaten by the vultures and birds of prey? NO! So look for a continued “making of overtures and offering of deals” from Russia with Western Europe until they finally cave in and start accepting some of them. “Here, you can have all the oil you need at a cheaper price than the Western oil companies and OPEC are offering you.” “Why do you risk the continued terrorism and bombings in your cities from the Muslim Radicals?” “Go along with us on this deal.” “We have much more to offer.” “We live right next door to each other.” “We can form a strategic partnership and work together.” “We are a Democracy now like America.” “The dollar is failing and about to collapse.” “Trust us; we are not ‘ogres’ looking to gain world domination.” “Work with us and make a new world currency.” “Help us create a NEW WORLD SUPER-STATE.” “Together, we can become the greatest superpower in world history.” “Oh, Germany, France, and England object…” “Hmmn!?” “You know, those ‘Western leaning’ leaders can be easily replaced by our great new leader with more ‘Eastern leaning’ leaders.” (by election or force… THEY MUST CHOOSE!) (The THREE nations that object to this new GREATER FEDERATION can be easily overthrown! …especially if America continues to go into decline and the dollar HYPER-INFLATES! (which is the direction it is presently heading, with no other way to go!) So there you have it! I’ve been shouting this with a bull-horn now for over a decade on the internet in my writings. As the great prophet William Branham said many times in his teachings: “WATCH RUSSIA!” “WATCH RUSSIA!” “WATCH RUSSIA!” Well I been ‘watching’ them, and what I see SCARES me! They are stepping forward now to openly challenge America economically and militarily. Putin has recently called America “the parasite on the economies of the world, draining the life-blood out of them.” “He has opposed every action America has made militarily against nations Russia supports, like Iran and Syria. He has boasted openly on many occasions that they now possess weaponry superior to America in every area. And as I said in the beginning here, he and others in power in Russia, are DAILY making overtures to Western Europe to join with them in the creation of a NEW WORLD CURRENCY! I really believe we’ll see that “GREATER FEDERATION” form soon right before our eyes! Keep watching! -john

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